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Reiki is well know as an offshoot of Buddhist Daoist healing philosophies, which originated in the 19th century in Japan under the influence and guidance of the Buddhist Masai Ukui. Reiki has proliferated in popularity in the West, primarily due to its claimed status as a complementary medical treatment for those in severe pain.

While this claim has been repeated many times, it should be noted that just like Kundalini, Reiki is not supposed to replace mainstream modern medicine, but to act alongside it to help reduce pain.

Buddhist philosophy explicitly rejects the aim of most cults and moneymaking schemes to be able to cure all your ills, and Reiki if it is practised legitimately, follows the same paths.

Reiki works by healing a person using certain spiritual energies, said to be freely circulating in the atmosphere. An experienced Reiki healer can use this energy to unblock or re-align the sufferer’s "ki" or energy centres, thereby alleviating the pain caused by the blockage of these energy sites.

Kundalini, named after the Hindu serpent goddess Kundalini Shakti, is a similar system of thought, also centred on the health destroying activities of negative energy. In Hindu mythology, Kundalini lies coiled around the base of the spine and any negative emotions such as stress, fear or tension causes the serpent to uncoil and move vigorously through the back, unleashing poisons and pains. The combination of Kundalini and Reiki energy works together to promote spiritual healing and the evolution towards enlightenment. In other words this system of Reiki is extremely powerful. Evidently Kundalini Reiki can teach healing karmic bonds, situations, personal qualities and character traits in addition to hands-on treatments, long-distance healing and several methods of self-healing.

This form of healing also rests on the idea of coordinating a sufferer’s chakras, which are like the "ki" centres found in Reiki teachings.

There are three major chakra centres corresponding to the three levels of Kundalini Reiki:

Level 1 is also the first attunement, achievement of which clears up clogged healing pathways in the body. At the same time this step prepares you for the next by stimulating the chakras centred in the head, throat and hand. This level of attainment allows a healer to perform distance healing, i.e. healing of a patient who is not physically in the same room, or even the same state or continent.

Kundalini Reiki level 2 calls for the deepening of the channels created and stimulated in level 1, with the energy contained in the back and front axes of the body being stimulated to move and align with the other chakras. This clears the way for the next level of attunement.

Kundalini Reiki level 3 attunement is the ultimate stage of Kundalini Reiki (Mater, teacher level) and involves the transformation of the body’s chakra centres into powerhouses of spiritual energy.

You now can decide whether the healing system set out in this philosophy is for you or whether you would be ready to receive this energy in a healing session.